May 10, 2024

I Was Stuck In A Rut

Many years ago I had a series of rat race jobs. I had bosses, deadlines, stress, car repayments and a mortgage. I knew there had to be better lifestyles than the one I was leading.
I’ve been online since about 1997 and was immediately fascinated by it. Then after a couple of years I began to realise that people could earn a living online.

Information Overload

I read a lot about how to make a living online but there was always some ebook I had to read or some course I had to do or some piece of software I had to buy. I suffered from information overload on a couple of occasions and went offline for long periods to clear my head.

 Always, there seemed some piece of the puzzle missing and earning an income online became an elusive dream. I had a very stressful day job and often I simply did not have the energy to put into an online business. Long periods of time would pass when I could only dream of leading a better lifestyle and leaving the rat race behind.

Finally Lost My Ratrace Job

Then the recession of 2009 hit and I lost my rat race job. The decision to leave the rat race was made for me. This blog is about how I escaped the rat race and survived to lead a better lifestyle.

When I first lost my job my health was a mess. I was overweight and depressed from years of continual work and financial stress. I decided that my health was my most important asset so I started walking and bicycle riding every day and only eating one meal a day.

Around the same time, I decided to de-clutter my life by selling my house, car and most of my household goods. I was sick of the work consume treadmill and wanted to stay off it. I simplified my finances and no longer wanted to be weighed down by material possessions. I wanted the freedom to move where I like. when I like.

Then I discovered Wealthy Affiliate membership site that taught affiliate blogging. Within three months I was earning a part-time income and eventually, I built it up to a full-time income.

Blogging is a good way to earn money as you work own hours and can work from anywhere. My office is now ten minutes from the beach.



  1. Your journey out of the rat race truly resonates with me. I understand the struggle of feeling trapped and the overwhelming information overload that comes with seeking alternative lifestyles online. It’s inspiring to see how you prioritized your health, simplified your life, and found success through affiliate blogging, ultimately leading to the freedom and location independence you desired.

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