June 21, 2024


I Thought I Was Going To Die

It was May 2022 just after sunset on Saturday evening when I suffered a panic attack. I felt very anxious and had trouble breathing for about 2 to 3 hours. I thought I was going to die. It scared me and it was a wake-up call to change my ways. Fortunately, the panic attack passed and eventually I went to sleep. 

I Decided To Quit Drinking

The next day, I didn’t feel like having a beer in the afternoon as was my usual habit. I regularly had around 6 to 8 stubbies of beer every day like clockwork. I vowed to give up drinking and I didn’t have a drink of alcohol for about 5 weeks. I  had been a drinker all my life since 18. I have had a few side effects such as breathlessness, anxiety and insomnia but these are gradually subsiding. 

I took up walking for half an hour every day and meditation. I have also come out of retirement and have taken steps to establish a publishing business. I want to publish ebooks that I have written myself or have been written by others. This is a business I have been interested in for decades and it is something I can do until my health fails.

Took Up Publishing and Blogging

I started blogs several years ago but gave up writing them as I lost interest and got sidetracked. However, I started reading how people are making good money writing Kindle ebooks and publishing them on Amazon. This prompted me to do a couple of online courses on Kindle publishing. I did an excellent course on publishing books and ebooks called “Mastering Book Publishing“. This also renewed my interest in blogging. I knew to succeed in this new business I had to create written information as well as be a consumer of information. 


I want to write articles on the main aspects of life after 60. This will include health and fitness, mental health, sex and romance, friends and family, life’s purpose, finances, contribution and finally spirituality. I feel these are topics about life that everyone is interested in improving. I want to help myself and others think about what is important in life and lead a balanced lifestyle.

Everyone Deserves A Happy and Fulfilling Life

For decades the media has been telling us that we have to be rich and famous the be happy and fulfilled in life. This has led to an age full of money-worshipers and narcissists. Everyone wants to be a rich celebrity. In fact, rich celebrities lead privileged lives compared to the vast majority of people. I don’t think celebrity worship is going to end any time soon.

I want to offer a point of view that offers a more holistic approach to life. I think every individual is important and they each have a story to tell. Everyone has a right to lead a happy and fulfilling life. It is not just for the privileged few.


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